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Seo Prices in USA – No ‘one size fits all’ option !

Seo Prices ? How are Seo rates determined ?

When it comes to SEO Services Pricing , things get a little complicated. Professional Seo Agencies can not provide standard Seo Prices Packages.
Pre-made , one size fits all packages are only provided by low quality seo agencies – from which most come from India and Pakistan and buying such packages will result in cheap spamming which will distroy your website sooner or later , since Google is constantly improving their algorithms to combat these cheap tactics.
For all of our clients though , we need to develop customized SEO plans based on their needs and goals. We need to have a good grasp of exactly why you and your goals are before we begin to estimate your Seo Pricing

Seo Pricing Examples

Low Competition Keywords : starting $375 upto $525
Medium Competition Keywords : starting $525 upto $875
High Competition Keywords : from $875 upto $2450

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The prices below are estimates based on our previous requests and clients we serve. They vary based on local competition and other factors explained below. ( example : “New York Attorney” will be more expensive than “Orlando Attorney”. )
Pricing is custom made for each client and it will only be payed only after achieving Google top 10 rankings, on a monthly basis, for at least 12 months.
Very important : the client will pay the monthly fee only if the website can be found on the first page for at least 20 days in a month for it’s keywords.

Most SEO companies will not take clients for under $750/month – Companies that offer turnkey “packages” for less than $750/month either outsource, use automated link building methods, or do virtually nothing to help your website. For reference: A independent survey of over 150 SEO companies concluded that the average client spends roughly $1,800/month on SEO services.

  • Minimum Price for Most SEO Agencies: $750/month
  • Average Price: $1,800/month
  • Average Price for Local SEO: $900/month
  • Average Price for National SEO: $3,900/month
  • Hourly Consulting Rate: $100-$250/hour
  • Average SEO Salary: $60-$80k/year

*Based on a Survey of 150 US Based SEO Agencies

How We Determine the Pricing for SEO Services

There are 6 main factors we use to gauge the cost of our seo services.

1.Is the website established, old or trusted?
2.Does the website have a penalty, if so, how bad?
3.How competitive is the niche?
4.How many keywords does the client want to target?
5.Is their on-site SEO in order?
6.What level of rankings are we going to aim for?

How Competitive is the Niche?

If you want to rank first for “Insurance”, but you only want to spend $750/month — We probably can’t help you. We carefully research the competition to determine the exact competitiveness of the market.

Assume all other factors are equal. (You don’t have a significant penalty, your on-site is average, etc)

Local / Low Competition Keywords – Average Pricing = $750-$1,000/month
Moderate / Easy National Keywords – Average Pricing = $1,500-$3,000/month
Competitive / National Keywords – Average Pricing = $3,000-$20,000/month

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SEO prices are based on a variety of factors. Each quote is made after a deep analysis of your website OnPage factors, OffPage factors and internet history background.
The price we will ask you to pay for is also based on how competitive your keywords are. This we can easily measure in numbers and we provide this information in all our Seo Reports. Seo is not an abstract job , it can be very easily counted in numbers.
Also , your cost is going to vary based upon your competition. If your competition made lots of efforts to improve their online presence and therefor their rankings, this means we will have to work harder to make things happen, and the price is going to raise accordingly.
There are no industry standards for the Seo Pricing. This means any company can claim they do search engine optimization services and charge whatever they want for it. There are 2 types of SEO Companies operating in the USA. There are the Pros, which are following Google Gudineliness ( also called White Hat SEO ) and there are the Amateurs , which are only spamming Google to obtain you short-term rankings. When a client discover that he worked with Amateurs, it is too late. The website got penalized and the business is gone. As well as the investment in the website made over the years.
At SeoCompany21 , we will not just provide you an SEO Quote , but we will provide explanation for it. We will show you show, by working with us, you will have a great Rate of Investment ( ROI ).
Beside offering SEO consultancy , we pride ourselves to offer Business Consultancy as well, which helps us integrate our business with yours , for a mututal long-term benefit.
You can take a look at our Seo Features. We provide you State of the Art customer services, as well as permanent reporting, monitoring and development work to take your website to Google’s First Page, and keep it there – included in all seo prices. By working with us, you will have an entire IT Department available for your onsite needs, and a team of professional SEO’s working around the clock to obtain the best rankings possible for your website. A team of US-native copywriters will take care of your OnSite content, to make sure your website is always fresh and updated !
Beside all this general benefits, you will have the advantage of working with a professional SEO Service Company which will assure your website will respect all Industry Standards as well as Google Guidelines.
Give us the chance to analyze your website and your business, come up with a Seo Pricing Proposal for it, then it’s your call if you want to work with SeoCompany21 or not. We really provide the best seo prices

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